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European Knowledge Analysis

The aim of the project is to Encourage democratic and civic participation of
citizens at Union level

ERA Project is facilitated from 6 Partners, united by a strong will of integrating to boost among their societies the reflection on EU relevant themes and promote civil and democratic participation of their citizens.

The Project focuses on two primary themes impacting EU nations, causing uncertainties to the social cohesion of local communities: Xenophobia, propaganda and Euroscepticism. The action aims of the project include, developing strategies for local communities, to tackle crises like the arrival of consecutive flows of migrants and oppose the negative propaganda effects.


Besides, each partner will be responsible to organize a three-day event where students, citizens, professionals, and policymakers will be involved in discussions on various aspects of Xenophobia, propaganda, and Euroscepticism, taking shape in current constant-online and offline society.

The main way of project implementation will be through international workshops led by university teachers, professors, journalists, policy makers and entrepreneurs from participating countries. The countries (Sweden, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, and Spain) involved in the project are chosen on the basis of experience of promoting civil and democratic participation of their citizens.

During 28 months period, the project will boost reflection on Euroscepticism, analyze the migration phenomenon, offer tools of media literacy and correct data on the EU and on the migrants’ crisis, examine propagandas and create counter narratives, gather suggestions and recommendations on the EU and its policies among the citizens, and create a catalogue of expectations on Europe 2030.

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